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Tuesday, 9 August 2011


As you all know lauren205 is a hacker and tried to hack me and princess delicia. she has a new trick. shes creating fake accounts and then trying to get your password.
she called lilbratz a dog and told her to get a life! what a cow! report her and dont fall for her tricks. 

Monday, 8 August 2011




Watch Out For This Hacker lauren205. She has a clever sneaky way of trying to hack you.
Basically she asks how much money you got.I lied I had $10.000 to see what she was trying to do. Then she tells you to log on her Moviestarplanet character and change the password to what YOUR moviestarplanet character password iis so you can have the account for ever. DONT FALL FOR THIS.
Laurens email address recieves a mail saying your password. She will hack your account and spend your money and send clothes to her account. 
This is how Laurens display looks. She is VIP Judge+Celeb, Level 7. I didnt show how she looks because she changes her clothes a lot. SO BEAT THE HACKERS!

Basically shes a bad friend!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

We Love Potatos


We Love Potatos


Want Some MONEY?

If you want some money watch ZANO4's Short Movies. He has a lot of short movies about 413 and if you watch them all you get $4130 STARCOINS! WOW!



Cutest Couple

This is the cutest couple. Im not going to say their names but they are madly in lovee! ;)

Want Some Hot Dogs? ;)

Tophotdog is a true friend. Shes always kind and you will never get bored with her. She lets you have a good moan at her. WE BOTH HATE THE NEW MOVIESTARPLANET! I MEAN SERIOUSLY! ITS LIKE POLLYPOCKETWORLD! Anywaay...tophotdog's single ;). Shes level 6 like me and VIP Jury and Celeb. :)

Friday, 5 August 2011


Guys! Me and My Friend are having like ultra-dilemas about her wedding dress. Her weddings on the 10/08/2011. And Its the 6/08/2011. 
We both think these 2 looks are lovely but which dress? Our budget is under $5000. (Her dad kindly donated the cash to buy starcoins) So what do you think is better? 
This One Or This:

The New MovieStarPlanet?

Would You Rather Have Your Moviestarplanet Site Like This:

Or How It Was Before? You Decide!

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Marianna10 Is SO Nice!

Interviewing With Marianna10

If You Were Queen Of MSP What Would You Change?
I would change my user name!

 If You Could Date Any Boy On MSP Who Would You Date And Why?
 I Would Date Tom Johnson Because He Has A Great Personality!

Why Do You Make Short Movies?
    I Make Short Movies So I Can Get Fame And Money And So Can You :'D


This girl is a great friend. We have our ups and downs but we will always make up. Love ya Marianna!

Single For Ladies ;)

I know hes not the best of the guys but hes sensitive and will never dump ya ;)
The Pink Box Is Where Your Name+Picture Is Meant To Be ;)

Im Sorry :(

Im So Sorry Spikestar Even Though You Should Be The One Apologizing. :( <'33

mrloverlover's critism :O

Look what people have been saying lately :O


What Does ishacool Really Think Of Mr Lover Lover?

I was reading ishacool's profile and look what this says :)

If you cant read it, it basically says this:
Important: mrloverlover finish at level 20 today (21/7) and it took him under 2 months! It took Bex nearly 8 months and me 6 months and still going! I always remember him as the boy who cheated his way to the top on msp while others struggle day by day to level up.

What do we think? :)

Want This As A Bedroom

My Fav Bedroom
Anyone Recognize whose House?

Competition Entry :'D

I think this look should win the competition entry. Its of Marianna10. Dont she look gorgeous?

Pets :'D

Anyone Recognize Were I Might Of Taken This Photo ;)
Starting from the green one on the left, thats Trixie, then Lime, then Goldstar, PurpleLove, Mwah, Smarties and then Pixie,Tony and George. I think thats all of em ;)
Ive got one called BabyLush<'33 Shes Adorable ;)

Outfit Dilema :L

Is this outfit good or bad?
Seriously! Mail meh! IAmNoAngel-x
I have two accounts btw ;)

Tips For Getting Money

So You Want Monehh?

-Watch Some Short Movies. I will give you some users who have short movies.
Tom Johnson, ZANO4, superstars14, Short Movies, ShortMovieGurl-x, Marianna10, mrloverlover.

-Also create movies and try to get views on them!

-Watch Movies and Rate Them

-Play Games!

-Buy Starcoins


-Check out My Movies: StaceyBaby-x


This is my blogs first ever competition held. Basically its a moviestarplanet competition. I am hositng a competition for the best dressed girl and boy. The winner will get a gift and an autograph  from StaceyBaby-x and they're photo will be on my blog :).
Dress Up In Your Best Clothes And Mail StaceyBaby-x So She Can See Which Girl And Boy Is The Best Dressed. Their are 1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place for Boys And Girls. 
1st Place Prize=3 Gifts (2 Gifts Of Wishlist, 1 Gift Not Off Wishlist) and 3 Auto's
2nd Place Prize=2 Gifts (1 Gift Of Wishlist, One Gift Not Of Wishlist) and 2 Auto's
3rd Place Prize=1 Gift (Not Of Wishlist)and 1 Autograph 

Closing Date- Lets Say Hmm...30/08/11 You Have Plenty Of Time To Save Up ;) SEE MY BLOG TIPS FOR SAVING UP CASH :'D

What do people really think of my website?

Spikestar says- "I like the cheat how to get to the front of the page !!!!"
BoomItWasMe says- " luv your blog and wanna create ma own! "
StaceyBabyTwin-x says- "OMG your blog is just amazing I could go on and on and on about how fantastic it is. I love that first picture though that girl has no lips in it. Sorry critism! Your blog is fascinating. Imma create myself one maybe."
Kiss-Me-Gurls says- "Well I love your blog and its great. Really cool and unique. Keep up the good work.
CrazyLiam-xD says- "Your blog rocks! Anyone who hates it sucks. I love the layout."
Marianna10 says- "Wow! Its Amazing!"
Thank you so much for all the kind things that were said! I did not make any of these users up, they are real users. :) Also I copied and pasted these comments of the chats and mails.

MSP-How To Get To The Front Of The Screen

Follow these easy steps to learn how to get to the front of the screen :'D

-Firstly yeah, basically under your moviestar theirs your name. Put your mouse on the name so its highlighted blue.
-Then press in your mouse and space bar at the same time.
-Drag your mouse right down to were your Start Menu bar is on your PC/Laptop. 
-You should be at the front of the screen!
-Mail StaceyBaby-x for more on this topic ;)


Bex has been getting critism and comments lately.
I think Bex is a good role model. She does excellent
movies and has given 187 gifts out. Thats $71.645
she has spent on gifts.

Movie Star Planet :'D

Lets Start With  Highscores.
Mr lover lover has taken over Bex on the highscore list. Do we really think mr lover lover deserves level 20?
Ishacool has achieved level 20 so well done to her!
Tom Johnson, nightbred and ZANO4 are all tied at level 19. Lets watch their movies to get them to level 20.